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Vacations with dogs in the vacation region

Vacation at last! But only with your dog - after all, he's part of the family! The Bavarian Forest National Park vacation region has put together lots of great hosts, events and hikes especially for you and your four-legged friend here on this page. From vacation accommodation where your dog is not only tolerated, but welcome, to great excursion destinations, hikes, helpful tips on public transport and much more...

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Hiking with a dog

The vacation region is ideal for outdoor sports enthusiasts who want to hike with their dog.

Whether summer or winter, there are many great hiking trails.

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... and a cool down afterwards - dog Kneipp facilities

Dogs also have the opportunity to have a nip in the municipality of Neuschönau. There is a small bathing area for our four-legged friends to cool off. This is located right next to the low-barrier Kneipp facility and the water play area.

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The Kneipp trail in Rabenstein is also ideal for dogs with several entry points.

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On the road by train & bus

All towns in the Bavarian Forest National Park vacation region offer their vacation guests the opportunity to use all bus and train lines free of charge with the guest card, the so-called National Park CARD.

As dogs can travel free of charge with our guest card, the National Park Card (=GUTi), in the Bayerwaldticket fare zone, you do not need to buy your own ticket. If you are not traveling with the Bayerwaldticket or GUTi, you usually have to buy an extra ticket for your dog, e.g. on the Ilztalbahn, the Waldbahn or on the Freyung-Grafenau district lines (children's ticket).

Rules for four-legged friends on public transport:

Further information on rail travel with dogs

at Deutsche Bahn

Crossing borders with a dog

If you are planning a trip to the Czech Republic, please have your dog's EU pet passport and vaccination certificate with you when crossing the border.

You can travel with your dog in 2nd class on almost all trains. Your dog must always wear a muzzle and be kept on a short lead. You pay the transport fee for the dog according to the number of kilometers travelled. Guide dogs and assistance dogs travel free of charge, as do small dogs in a lockable box with an impermeable floor (no larger than 90 x 60 x 40 cm).

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Zum Hundefachseminar am 17. Juli 2024
in der Pension Arbersonne Bayerisch Eisenstein

Auskunft & verbindliche Anmeldung erbeten bis zum 07. Juli 2024
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Arberland Ultra Trail - Running with a dog

Woidläufer e.V.

Lohwaldweg 6, 94227 Lindberg, venue: Arber Hohenzollern ski stadium at the Großer Arbersee in Bayerisch Eisenstein.

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Sled dog rides and driving courses with Germany's 1st sled dog driving school

Waldschrat's Adventure Company

Thomas Gut, Flanitzmühle 9, 94258 Frauenau, Tel. 09926 731, waldschrat.adventure@t-online.de

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Dog toilets

Most vacation resorts offer so-called dog stations for the daily needs of dogs. The dog's "legacy" can be collected with free bags and conveniently disposed of in the integrated waste baskets.

Dog stations are available at the Falkenstein and Lusen national park centers and at the forest play area in Spiegelau. Filled poop bags can be disposed of at the dog stations. Visitors must bring their own bags. If no dog toilet is available in residential areas or visitor facilities, please take filled dog waste bags with you and dispose of them at home.

Stores for pet supplies

Kirchdorf im Wald

Animal Premium Food GmbH

An der Kraftmühle 1, 94261 Kirchdorf i. Wald, info@apf-gmbh.com

Tel. 09928 903770


Finjas Futterkammerl

Köhlerweg 15, 94556 Neuschönau,

Tel. 0160 93384491


Zoo specialty store Pfeffer

Angerstr. 36, 94227 Zwiesel,

Tel. 09922 2390




Animal Health Center Bayerwald

Im Ebenfeld 20, 94536 Eppenschlag,

Tel. 09928 1061


Veterinary surgeon Elke Ritter

Johannesberg 22, 94513 Schönberg,

Tel. 08554 769


Practice for naturopathy Marlene Egginger

An der Scheiben 51, 94513 Schönberg, info@tierheilpraxis-egginger.de

Tel. 0171 6922656


Veterinary practice B. Poitner

Auf der List 11, 94518 Spiegelau,

Tel. 08553 9782082


Small animal practice Dr. Ederer-Leonhards & Michaela Tubbesing

Waldschmidtweg 17, 94227 Zwiesel,

Tel. 09922 802060

Compulsory leash and right to enter

Animals, plants and other people must always be taken into consideration. For this reason, in many places there is a legal obligation to keep dogs on a lead, non-compliance with which can be punished with a fine.

Dogs are explicitly prohibited on all cross-country ski trails in the vacation region.

Dog salons


Scarlett dog salon

Forstwaldstr. 11, 94556 Neuschönau,

Tel. 08558 2290


Dog salon Strupy

Dr.-Geiger-Str. 10, 94518 Spiegelau,

Tel. 08553 920567


Dog studio Vier Pfoten

Frauenauer Str. 36a, 94227 Zwiesel, micha@jacky-bitt-box.de

Tel. 09922 4803 or 0171 3785111


Dog salon for all coats

Sepp-Dötsch-Str. 17, 94227 Zwiesel, cornelia.haicl@t-online.de

Tel. 09922 8692388 or 0157 56326466

Dog schools, group activities & boarding kennels


Training Center Dog & Man Mantrailing - Claudia Pöschl

Schleicher 2, 94227 Lindberg, Tel. 0151 10821704, kontakt@therapie-hunde-bayern.de

Dog school with training and activity courses, dog breeding, dog trainer & trainer for therapy and disabled assistance dogs


Dog school Geng - Ulrike Geng

Köhlerweg 15, 94556 Neuschönau, Tel. 0160 93384491, geng.ulrike@t-online.de


Claudia Becker Trail & Fun Dog School

Alte Passauer Str. 3, 94513 Schönberg, Tel. 0162 7472701, kontakt@claudia-beckert.com

Dog school with training and activity courses, Australian Sheperd breeding

St. Oswald

Günter Ranzinger

Haslach 80, 94568 St. Oswald, Tel. 0175 1104909

Dog boarding & offers for dog leisure in the group


Camp Merlin - Claudia Stelter-Wohlgemuth

Lichtenthal 12, 94227 Zwiesel, Tel. 0152 24424101, info@camp-merlin.de

Dog school with training and activity courses, dog boarding & animal encounters



Bärnzell, 94227 Zwiesel, Tel. 09922 609074, mikari-th@web.de

Dog school & group dog leisure activities, donkey activities

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Dog-friendly hosts

Of course, dogs are also allowed to stay in numerous hotels, guesthouses and vacation apartments in our region. The accommodations where pets are either allowed or can stay on request are summarized for you here:

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