Vom Wald das Beste. – Nationalparkregion Bayerischer Wald

"I am a child of the forest, born in the Regenhütte glassworks, in the Steigerwald Villa," Marita Haller says about herself, not without pride.

From the cradle onwards, she had to deal with the former "gold of the Bavarian Forest": the material glass in all its facets.
Her mother, a true Viennese, her father a Prussian, both met in the Bavarian Forest after the war and stayed.

She herself began writing when she settled down after the birth of her two daughters, after a life in the outside world.

She is passionate about writing about the mysticism and history of the Bavarian-Bohemian border region. She would also like to bring this closer to people in the form of readings.

Marita Haller

Ambassador and shadow woman

Some of her works (supernatural and regional history) are, for example: "Die Schattenfrau", "77 mystische Ausflugsziele" or "Das Traumschloss im Wald" (a digital print of this book, which is unfortunately already out of print, is available from edition Lichtland Verlag in Freyung)

Marita Haller is also one of our ambassadors for the region, read more....