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Eberhard Kreuzer

"a child of Zwiesel"

Eberhard Kreuzer comes to Zwiesel at a young age and becomes a "Stodara" and convinced Zwieseler.

For many years he worked as a mechanical engineer at Zwieseler Kristallglas AG.
In 1993, he made his first appearance as a writer with his dialect poem "Da Himme, d'Wejt, d'Leit und i".
He made a name for himself with numerous other poems, stories, crime novels and plays.

His wife Christine is always by his side. She was the first woman in the whole of Bavaria to complete training as a play director with the Bund Deutscher Amateurtheater e.V. (Association of German Amateur Theatres).
Eberhard and Christl are founding members of the Zwiesler Dilettantenverein e. V. and are still active in the association today.

Other works include "Geschichten von mir", "Das Buchenauer Schachtenhaus" and the novel "Der Tod schreibt Sütterlin"

Eberhard and Christine Kreuzer are also among our ambassadors for the region, read more....