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Welcome to the holiday region - Useful information for your stay


Welcome to the holiday region - Useful information for your stay

In order to make your holiday in the holiday region as pleasant as possible, we have collected important information here for you regarding valid regulations in connection with Corona:

In the following article you will find further important information for your holiday in the holiday region. (Source: Current press release of the Bavarian State Government) as well as 14th Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance.

Status: 20.09.2021 Changes & errors excepted

Test options

From 11 October 2021, the possibility of having a free Everyman test (i.e. a test at one's own request) carried out in the test centres will cease to exist.

The free tests in the test centres are now reserved for a certain group of people defined by law.

Furthermore, for legal reasons, no chargeable everyman tests may be offered in the test centres of the district.

These can be carried out by family doctors or pharmacies in the district.


Here you can find the test possibilities, the group of people who are entitled to a free Corona test in the test centre and further information on the subject in the districts of Regen and Freyung-Grafenau:


Click here - Testing & testing stations in the district of Regen

Click here - Testing and testing stations in the district of Freyung-Grafenau


Please note the individual registration regulations and inform yourself directly at the test stations regarding opening hours, dates or necessary pre-registration.



County Regen

According to the current 14th Infection Protection Measures Ordinance, valid from 2 September 2021, the following applies:

From a 7-day infection incidence of more than 35 in the county or in the independent city, the 3G principle applies indoors on a broad scale: only vaccinated, recovered or currently tested persons have personal access. This applies to

  • public and private institutions
  • events,
  • sports facilities, gyms,
  • all cultural facilities (theatres, cinemas, museums, memorials)...
  • Gastronomy
  • accommodation
  • Universities, hospitals, libraries and archives
  • leisure facilities (baths, thermal baths, saunas, cable cars, excursion boats, casinos, tourist coach transport, etc.)
  • Pupils with a view to regular tests at school are considered to be tested
  • old people's homes and nursing homes, at trade fairs and at larger events with more than 1,000 people 3G is considered to be tested indoors as well as outdoors, irrespective of the incidence.


Excluded from the 3G principle: private premises, commerce, public transport, open-air events with up to 1,000 people, religious services and meetings as defined in Article 8 of the Basic Law.

Compliance with 3G rules must be monitored by the operator . Guests and visitors as well as operators who do not comply must expect a fine.

The FFP2 mask obligation does not apply. The medical mask (surgical mask) is the new standard.


Note: Due to exceeding the 7-day incidence of 35 on three consecutive days, the 3G rule will apply indoors in the district of Regen from Monday, 20.09.2021.(Info sheet district of Regen) (testing obligation applies on arrival as well as every 72 hours thereafter).


County Freyung-Grafenau

The district of Freyung-Grafenau has an incidence of over 35 since September 3.

For this reason, from Tuesday, September 7, the 3G rule applies for entry and stay indoors.



Facilitations from 6 October 2021

The 14th Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance will be amended with effect from 6 October in the following respects:

(a) Considerable relief will be introduced for establishments and organisers that voluntarily admit only vaccinated and recovered persons(so-called voluntary 2G) and also tested persons with a PCR test(so-called voluntary 3G plus). The following regulations apply:

  • 2G / 3G plus are purely voluntary and the own decision of each organizer or operator. There is no governmental compulsion.
  • Voluntary 2G / 3G plus are possible in all areas where 3G is currently in force. So (examples): sports facilities, theatres, operas, cinemas, museums, conferences, congresses, libraries, music schools and much more.
  • Where 2G / 3G plus applies, the mask requirement and the minimum distance requirement are abolished. Any upper limits on the number of persons are abolished. The alcohol bans at sporting and cultural events with more than 1,000 people are lifted.
  • The prerequisite is a strict access regime (access barriers, controls with identity checks, etc.).
  • Abuse is not only punishable by a fine, but also jeopardises the general reliability under trade law of those who do not check.
  • Children and all pupils (because regularly tested at school) also have access to voluntary 3G plus regardless of their personal vaccination status.

(b) In catering, dancing and music will be permitted under the 3G plus conditions applicable to discotheques. Those tested will therefore only be able to attend with a PCR test.

(c) For pubs, the rules requiring service at the table and not dispensing or consuming drinks at the counter or bar will no longer apply.

Source: Bavarian State Government website and report from the Cabinet meeting of 4 October 2021.


  • Tourist accommodation may be offered in Bavarian districts and independent cities.
  • IMPORTANT! The obligation to test on arrival is linked to the 7-day incidence value of 35 (current negative Corona test of the guests on arrival as well as every 72 hours). Fully vaccinated or recovered persons are exempt from the testing obligation.
  • 10 persons from any number of households may be accommodated per room/ accommodation unit.
  • In the catering trade the previous corona-conditioned closing hour (up to now 1 o'clock) is omitted. In all other respects the general Regelgen to 3G apply also here.
  • Accommodation guests may also use in-house spa, therapy and wellness facilities (swimming pools, fitness rooms, solariums, ...).


  • Ingeneral: The general regulations on 3G and mask obligation apply depending on a 7-day incidence of 35.


Vaccinated persons

  • Fully vaccinated persons (14 days after the 2nd vaccination) are considered equal to negatively tested persons.
  • Persons with a first vaccination in connection with a survived corona disease more than 6 months ago, also count as "vaccinated".
  • Vaccinated and recovered persons as well as children under 6 years of age are exempt from the obligation to be tested.


So that you can enjoy your holiday as "normally" as possible, here are all the timetables, including the hedgehog buses, which are now back on the road in the National Park.

All timetables at a glance

With your GUTI guest card you can use all buses & trains in the Bayerwald-Ticket area for free.

The ÖPNV counts as well as private rooms, trade to the exceptions of the 3G rule. In public transport and long-distance traffic the mask obligation (OP mask) applies without exception.

Contact restrictions

  • The general contact restrictions are dropped without replacement.
  • The previous upper limit of persons for private and public events no longer applies. For the following events (sports, culture, congresses etc.) applies:
    • Up to 5,000 persons, 100 % of the capacity may be used.
    • For the part exceeding 5,000 persons, 5ß % of the further capacity of the venue may be used.
    • A maximum of 25,000 persons is permitted.
    • Within this limit, unlimited standing room may also be designated.
    • If the minimum indoor distance is not reached, however, the general rules stipulate that masks must be worn at all times, and this must be ensured by the organiser. Therefore, there will also be a fine for organizers and participants.

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