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Via Nova and Gunthersteig pilgrimage trails


Via Nova and Gunthersteig pilgrimage trails

Those who go on pilgrimage set out on a journey to a holy place. During the hike, which usually lasts several days or even several weeks, pilgrims can forget everyday life, find themselves, dedicate the time to your faith and your life, and turn inward.

What are the must haves for the pilgrim's equipment?

  • valid identity card / health insurance / travel health insurance if necessary
  • cash, EC card
  • maps, mobile phone, charger
  • Hiking equipment (sticks, suitable footwear, drinks, rain cape, rucksack of a suitable size for the pilgrimage)
  • Sun cream, sunglasses, sunscreen, change of clothes
  • Basic medical equipment (plasters, bandages, painkillers, ointments, personal medicines)
  • Flashlight, pocket knife
  • Food (drinks, snacks or energy bars)

The Gunthersteig

The Gunther Trail, also known as the Gunthersteig, is an old pilgrimage trail that stretches from Niederalteich via Rinchnach to Gutwasser in the Czech Republic. As a hiking trail, it can be recognized by the symbol of the Gunther axe.

Route and background:

The Gunthersteig is modeled on the former migration of St. Gunther. Starting from the monastery of Niederalteich on the Danube, the trail leads deeper and deeper into the forest mountains of the Bavarian Forest and crosses the border ridge to the Bohemian Dobrá Voda.

Gunther was born around the year 955 as the son of a high nobleman in Thuringia. After an initially secular life, he entered the monastery of Niederalteich as a lay brother in 1006. In 1040 the humble monk withdrew deeper into the Bohemian Forest, to Gutwasser (today's Dobrá Voda in the Czech Republic) not far from Eisenstein, where he led a life of penance and renunciation, of prayer. There he died on 9 October 1045 at the age of 90. (Source: www.bayerischer-wald.de)

Tourdates and more info can be found here.

The VIA NOVA leads on 280 kilometers across Lower Bavaria and Upper Austria. Enjoy the unmistakable and unique nature of the Bavarian Forest and find peace and relaxation during a pilgrimage break. Some of the stages lead through the holiday region.

A suitable pilgrimage map with the marked audio stations as well as a pilgrim passport are available at all tourist information offices along the VIA NOVA pilgrimage trail. Contact persons within the holiday region can be found at the tourist information offices in Hohenau and Mauth-Finsterau.

You can also find various information material and the pilgrim's pass on the VIA NOVA pilgrimage trail website.





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