Vom Wald das Beste. – Nationalparkregion Bayerischer Wald
Hiking stones of the holiday region


Hiking stones of the holiday region

Wandering stones or also called travelling stones are stones that travel through the world colourfully painted, because hikers find them on their tours, take them with them and lay them out again in new places.

From now on you also travel through the holiday region.

Thanks to the support of many small, creative and hardworking hands of the children from the kindergartens Eppenschlag, Frauenau, Langdorf, Lindberg, Neuschönau, Oberkreuzberg, Zwiesel, St. Oswald, Bayerisch-Eisenstein, Mauth, Schönberg and Kirchdorf.

Many thanks to the kindergartens and children who painted the stones so beautifully!


It's worth taking part - and this is how it works. 1:

1. take hiking stones with you and place them at a new location. 2.

2. post a photo of the hiking stone of the holiday region on our facebook channel. 3.

3. whoever hands in the hiking stone at one of the tourist information offices in the holiday region will receive a multifunctional scarf from the holiday region as a gift.

(Note: The hiking stones of the holiday region are specially marked and provided with a QR code. Only stones marked in this way take part in the campaign or can be exchanged for a gift).