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Heimat Trails Trophy - a virtual sports event


Heimat Trails Trophy - a virtual sports event

Organized by the district of Freyung-Grafenau in cooperation with the district of Deggendorf - July 2 to October 17, 2021. According to the motto "4 disciplines - 4 places", challenging but for everyone doable and picturesque routes are on the program.

Starters do not start in a crowd, but individually or in permitted small groups over a defined period of more than four months. Each starter can complete the route(s) in this period at the most suitable moment for him. At the HEIMAT TRAILS there will be an overall ranking for all routes and the title "King/Queen of the HEIMAT TRAILS" in addition to the well-known individual rankings per route. New this year is a team classification for 3 runners: Just enter your team name when registering. With your registration you will get into the individual ranking(s), but your time will also count into the team ranking with your friends.

All information can be found here.

The routes in Mauth

The trail sponsors on the Almberg - FERIENREGION NATIONALPARK (running and Nordic walking trail) andKANZELBRÄU MAUTH (biking trail) - have taken great pains to put together and signpost the most beautiful paths and trails up to the beautiful Almberg for you.


From the Woid de Beste Streck'

The FERIENREGION NATIONALPARK "VOM WOID DE BESTE STRECK" is with 9.5 kilometers and 560 meters of altitude difference challenging, but for everyone to master. The "VOM WOID DE BESTE STRECK'" stretches over forest paths, short sections of tarred road and natural, beautiful trails - the ancient Kirchensteig - up to the summit of the Mitterdorf ski centre.



The 13.6 kilometre long KANZELBRÄU-BIKETRAIL leads with a total of 530 metres of altitude difference at first a little further than the running route into the Reschbach valley to Hohenröhren, before it goes over the ridge of the Fuchsberg via Waldmühle into the Saußbach valley to the Annathalmühle. Here both routes meet again and you have to overcome almost 400 metres of altitude at a stretch uphill to the summit.



During the Trophy, there will again be so-called STRAVA segments on certain sections of the route for the more ambitious among the participants. These segments are particularly beautiful or particularly challenging parts of the route. There is a GPS-based recording for each section on the Strava app. Your times are automatically compared with those of other athletes in this segment in a leaderboard. On the KANZELBRÄU BIKETRAIL as well as on the "VOM WOID DE BESTE STRECK" there are two Strava segments for bikers and runners.

With a difference in altitude of over 150 meters and a length of 1.5 kilometers, the "KANZELBRÄU - DURSTIG WEAN MA-CLIMB" is the longest and certainly steepest segment of the Heimat Trails for the bikers and runners among you. The "VOM WOID DE BESTE STRECK'" also has two registered segments for runners: In the "FERIENREGION NATIONALPARK - TOP OF OIMBERG" segment, there are 60 meters of elevation gain to be made over a length of just under 800 meters to the summit.


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Hints for the journey with public means of transport

All Trophy participants planning to travel by public transport will find important links to public bus routes to/from Mauth here:

Bus schedules in Freyung


Bus schedule 513 Phillippsreut - Mauth - Freyung



The organisers, sponsors and local politicians met on 28 September for the joint opening of the routes.