Vom Wald das Beste. – Nationalparkregion Bayerischer Wald


in the Bavarian Forest

Almost endless forest panoramas, mountain peaks and vantage points with magnificent views, plateaus, romantic streams, glacial lakes and moorlands. The Bavarian Forest National Park and its Czech neighbor, the Sumava National Park, are a unique natural area. The dense network of trails and paths makes the region a paradise for mountain bikers. The touring options on both sides of the border seem endless - biking fun becomes a boundless pleasure.


Whether you are a real pleasure cyclist or an ambitious mountain biker who likes challenging tours: Here in the vacation region, you'll find both easy-to-ride trails and challenging tours.

Trans Bavarian Forest (northern route)

The Trans Bayerwald mountain bike route, which runs extensively and wildly through our region, has won several awards. Challenging, with great views and, above all, linked to nature!

One request: Stay on the marked cycle paths and respect the refuges for valuable nature. Then nothing stands in the way of an untroubled cycling experience.

Bike highlights


Looking for inspiration for your next bike tour? Then take a look at our highlight tours that you definitely shouldn't miss: whether you're a real pleasure cyclist or an ambitious mountain biker who likes challenging tours: You're sure to find your personal favorite tour here in the vacation region.

The pleasure cycle path

Experience and enjoy without limits

A special experience for all cyclists is offered by the Pleasure Cycle Trail, which connects the two national parks on a fantastic circular route. The word "enjoyment" is certainly not too much of a promise here: This cycle trail allows you to experience the beauty and peculiarities of the national parks. Despite the close proximity, the outstanding natural beauty is often very different due to the relief. While the Bavarian side is dominated by deep, mysterious forests, the Czech Sumava National Park is characterized by vast plateaus with moors and mountain meadows. Anyone who has cycled the entire 140 kilometers of the route will have experienced all facets of the low mountain region of the Bavarian Forest and the Bohemian Forest.


Of course, you can also cycle only sections of the Pleasure Cycle Trail. From the towns in the vacation region, shuttle buses take you to the most beautiful sections of the trail. The Großer Arber or Falkenstein are worthwhile detours, but also require a good level of fitness. For trained mountain bikers or with electronic support, however, the mountain destinations are still easy to reach.

And the same applies here: please stay on the marked paths and respect the retreat areas for valuable nature.

Click here for the tour details of the Pleasure Cycle Trail:

Bayerisch Eisenstein Pleasure Cycle Trail

Enjoyment cycle path Frauenau

Spiegelau pleasure cycle path

Zwiesel pleasure cycle path

Pleasure Cycle Path Schönberg



Guided bike tours


Would you like to find out more about the country and its people and discover real insider tips? Then why not join a guided bike tour through our region?
From cross-border e-bike tours to places steeped in history, to tours with impressive views and unforgettable nature experiences,... there is something exciting for every taste and fitness level.
You can find details of the various guided cycle tours in our events calendar. Of course, our tourist information will also be happy to help you at any time.

to the event calendar of our tourist information offices

Card material

Bike pocket guide

Do you already know our latest pocket guide on the subject of bikes? Then it's about time!
A special highlight of our region is the so-called "Genuss-Radwanderweg", a 137-kilometre cycle path that runs right through the Bavarian and Bohemian border region. And this cycle trail is presented in detail in our pocket guide. The brochure includes a section of the route with a tour and elevation profile, charging stations for e-bikes, places to stop for refreshments, bus stops, parking spaces and a detailed tour description.
To help you plan a cross-border cycle tour, there is also our detailed "Pleasure Cycle Tour Map", which shows all cycle paths on the German and Czech sides.
The weatherproof and tearproof map can be purchased with your National Park Card for just € 3.00 at all tourist information offices in the National Park vacation region.

Download pocket guide bike

Pocket guide bike as eBook

Rental stations

No more room for your bike in and around the car? No problem, we have summarized the rental stations in the Bavarian Forest National Park vacation region for you:

Bayerisch Eisenstein/ Železná Ruda

Waldhotel Seebachschleife, Tel. 09925 1000 Email: info@seebachschleife.de
2 e-bikes (Haibike in XL & Convey in L), only with advance reservation

Sport Raith, Tel. 09925 902026, reservation at least 24 hours before pick-up at: www.sport-raith.de
Rental of e-bikes (Haibike 500Kw & Rockrider ST 530), costs: from 20€ / day

Ski&Bike Spicak, tel. +420 728646418, reservation online at: https: //www.spicak-summer.onlineshop.ws/pujcovna/
Rental of e-bikes, premium enduro & mountain bikes, costs: from 18€

Sumava Top rentals Zelezna Ruda, tel. +420 778044086, reservation online at: http: //www.skiarealsamoty.cz/
8 Cube e-mountain bikes with Bosch 500WH battery (sizes M-XXL), costs: from €40/day

Rent Bikes Zelezna Ruda, tel. +420 731817383, https://www.rentbikes.cz/
18 e-bikes Cube, costs: from 50€/ day


Woid Radl Hohenau, Tel. 0151 28103664, www.ebike-hohenau.de
4 e-bikes (mountain bikes, size M-L), 1 children's e-bike, costs: €39/day, €99/3 days, €219/week

Landgasthof Riedl, Tel.: 08558-1089 - 5 e-bikes (from the company Corattec), https://www.landgasthof-riedl.de


Hotel-Gasthaus Fuchs, Tel.: 08557-270
4 e-mountain bikes (1x S up to 1.60 m, 2x M up to 1.75 m, 1x L up to 1.90 m)
Costs: 30 € / day, 20 € / 5 hours, 10 € / after-work round (from 6 pm)


Landgasthof Euler, Tel.: 08558-9742011 - 6 e-bikes (2x low step-through, 2x M, 2x L)


E Bike Bayerwald, Tel.: 0152-59412465
28 e-bikes (21 mountain bikes for adults, 2 mountain bikes for children aged 8 and over, 5 step-through/touring bikes)
6 mountain bikes for adults
1 walker for small children, 1 trailer for small children &
1 dog trailer, child seats & helmets

Radsport Leitl, Tel.: 09922-802157
17 e-bikes (10 mountain bikes for adults, 4 mountain bikes for children, 3 step-through/touring bikes)
10 mountain bikes for adults
Helmet rental

Sporrer Technik, Tel.: 09922-1318
10 e-bikes (4 mountain bikes for adults, 1 mountain bike for children, 5 trekking bikes for adults)
Child seats & helmets


Thanks to e-bikes, it is also possible for beginners or less trained cyclists to discover the beauty of our unique nature by bike. Simply ask at the tourist information offices for the appropriate rental service and we will be happy to help you. Of course, in addition to the bikes, there is also plenty of information material such as our cycle map or our pocket guide bikewhich you can use to cycle safely through our region.

You can find rental options for bikes and e-mountain bikes and other helpful information on the subject here

E-bike charging stations

Bayerisch Eisenstein/ Železná Ruda

Tourist-Info Bayerisch Eisenstein (Schulbergstr. 1)
Arberseehaus at the Großer Arbersee
Großer Arber valley station
Waldhotel Seebachschleife
Bayerisch Eisenstein border station


Tourist-Info/ Glass Museum Frauenau (Am Museumspark 1)


Tourist-Info Hohenau (Dorfplatz 22)
Schönbrunn a. Lusen village square (Schönbrunn a. Lusen 11)


E-forest charging station in Ludwigsthal (Bahnhofstr. 7)
E-forest charging station in Zwieselerwaldhaus (Waldhausstraße)


Tourist Info Mauth (Mühlweg 2)
Finsterau open-air museum (Museumsstraße 51)


Lusen National Park Center (Böhmstr. 41 at the P1 parking lot)

St. Oswald-Riedlhütte

Rachel service hut
Riedlhütte coffee shop (Hammerberg 2)


Optik Gerstenecker (Angerstraße 30)
Pfefferbräustüberl (Regenerstr. 6)
Glasberg sports area (Lohmannmühlenweg 60)
Ebike Bayerwald (Kühbergweg 10- district Klautzenbach)

Please note:
In some cases, you can only charge your e-bikes during the respective opening hours of the individual facilities. There may also be a charge at some charging stations. Please check with the individual facilities or our tourist information offices in advance of your planned tour.



E-bike charging stations in the Bavarian Forest National Park vacation region

Bus & Train

by bike

In the Bayerwald-Ticket fare zone, you can also take your bikes with you and plan longer day trips.

On the road by bus and train

You can find all information about taking bikes here

Bicycle tickets for the Waldbahn

Simply ...

... browse through our "pocket guide bike"

Nature conservation & respect


Pay attention to road signs and prohibition signs!
Stay on the marked cycle paths and respect the retreats of our endangered species, such as the capercaillie!

Do not leave any tracks!
Skid marks, which can lead to damage to paths, as well as litter left in the countryside are not welcome. Please respect this, adapt your driving style to the ground and take your waste to the nearest garbage can.

Take care of nature and the environment!
Please do not damage any plants such as trees or bushes and always treat others with respect.
For example, announce your passing in good time when you encounter hikers, reduce your speed and always pass others at walking pace.

Thank you and have fun on your next bike tour in the Bavarian Forest National Park vacation region!



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