Vom Wald das Beste. – Nationalparkregion Bayerischer Wald

Transboundary forest wilderness

Šumava National Park

The Bavarian Forest National Park, together with our neighboring Sumava National Park in the Bohemian Forest, forms the largest contiguous Central European forest area, also called the "Green Roof of Europe". Mountain plateaus with towering peaks, the canyon-like valley cuts formed by erosion with river courses in the west, the extensive highlands Trojmezenska hornatina or the Vltava floodplains in the south - each area offers habitat for the most diverse animal and plant species.

Information centers of the Naional Park are located in Kvilda, Svinná Lada, Rokyta, Kašperské Hory, Alžbětín, Idina Pila and Stožec.

Numerous bog landscapes enable the survival of some insect species from the post-glacial period. Remains of primeval forest-like vegetation, glacial lakes, valley and mountain raised bogs, interspersed with traces of centuries of human existence, which add to the special mysterious charm of this sparsely populated area, make this stretch of land a natural gem.