National Park Bavarian Forest

In October 1970 the first National Park in Germany was founded in the Rachel-Lusen-area.
Ever since, the nature around the two mountains Rachel and Lusen can naturally unfold and develop according to its very own law and mostly without interference by human activities.

In 1997 the area around Falkenstein was extended, so that the whole National Park now covers an area of almost 25,000 hectares. Together with the adjacent National Park Sumava beyond the Czech border it now makes up the largest connected forest area in Central Europe.

"Let nature be nature" – this is the motto of the National Park. And indeed, the forest is developing into a fascinating forest wilderness that fills every visitor with enthusiasm for its diverse flora and fauna, with impressive courses of the stream, moors, felts and meadows as well as huge rock formations.

Many kilometres of very well-signposted hiking trails, the treetop path Bavarian Forest, the two National Park Centres Lusen and Falkenstein, the animal enclosures, a varied programme of guided tours, several theme and adventure paths – this is just an extract of the wide range of offers of the National Park Bavarian Forest that makes it an ideal destination of unforgettable nature holiday, adventure holiday or also family holiday in Bavaria.

Experience at close quarters the natural forest rejuvenation in the holiday region National Park Bavarian Forest, and witness the emergence of a new, wild forest.