Vom Wald das Beste. – Nationalparkregion Bayerischer Wald


Integrierte ländliche Entwicklung

National Park Communities Bayerisch Eisenstein, Lindberg, Frauenau, Neuschönau, Spiegelau, St. Oswald Riedlhütte

Green triple mountain Bischofsmais, Kirchberg i.W., Kirchdorf i.W., Rinchnach

Ilzer Land Eppenschlag, Schönberg, Grafenau, Innernzell, Schöfweg, Ringelai, Saldenburg, Thurmansbang, Perlesreut, Röhrnbach, Fürsteneck, Hutthurm

Integrated rural development (ILE) should be a way of jointly mastering challenges and finding or developing synergies. By merging smaller communities into an association and with the professional support of planning offices and the Office for Rural Development, which is also financially involved, sustainable solutions can be developed and implemented. In this way, the communities experience the necessary strengthening within themselves and from within themselves.

Structurally weak regions and municipalities are often limited in their ability to act. The expansion and preservation of jobs, the promotion of regional economic cycles, the maintenance of infrastructure, the guarantee of educational opportunities, mobility and local supply - all these tasks not only put a strain on the municipal staff and the municipal budget, they also far exceed the possibilities of the individual municipalities in rural areas in terms of their solution requirements and their complexity.


"Networking the Bavarian Forest National Park holiday region".

The initiative to merge the two special-purpose associations Zwieseler Winkel and National Park communities was launched in 2011. The aim was to create the basis for a more powerful presence and to make better use of existing synergies. This tourism restructuring was supported by the Bavarian Ministry of Agriculture and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) within the framework of LEADER. The result of the lengthy and complicated process of merging the two special-purpose associations was the founding of the "Ferienregion Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald GmbH" in 2014. The legal merger must be followed by implementation at the grassroots level, but this can only happen gradually. At the moment, the 11 tourist information offices under the umbrella of the holiday region are still working largely independently. An intensive exchange, the use of synergies and joint product development, customer care and market cultivation only take place to a limited extent due to the previous technical requirements.

After the founding phase, it is urgently necessary to create a feeling of togetherness internally and externally between the employees of the holiday region and the 13 combined municipalities (incl. the town of Zwiesel) and to improve the framework conditions for cooperation. In addition, a common identity is to be developed for the holiday region - including a coordinated corporate identity - taking into account the existing product and marketing strategy. Based on this, a basic graphic concept for a uniform external appearance is to be developed and implemented. The uniform appearance of the holiday region guarantees the guest a high recognition value (corporate identity) and ensures that the region is perceived from the outside as a powerful tourist destination. This LEADER project covers 12 of 13 member municipalities of the Bavarian Forest National Park holiday region together with the 10 tourist information offices existing there. Current:

Tender Pos. visualisation concept and visualisation means from 29.01.2020.

The following services are put out to tender:

Lot 1 - Concept " Holiday Region National Park Bavarian Forest GmbH" within the framework of the project "Networking of the Holiday Region National Park Bavarian Forest".

Project: Lot 1 - Conception product line "animal wild".

Start:18. February 2020

End:02. March 2020 (completion/invoice)

Services: The following services are to be provided under this lot.

a) Development of a new logo

b) The animal drawings (with the exception of the fox from Kirchberg vom Wald) are to be revised. The background colour is to be adapted to the colour scheme of the holiday region.

c) Conception of how the product line "animal wild" can be integrated into the existing pocket guide "families and children".

NoteAll rights of use, the symbols and the logo are transferred to the National Park holiday region.

Offer Lot 2 - Implementation " Ferienregion Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald GmbH" within the framework of the project "Networking of the Bavarian Forest National Park Holiday Region

Project: Lot 2 - Implementation

Start:18. February 2020

End:03. April 2020 (completion/invoice)

Services: The following services are to be provided under this lot.

a) Creation of a CI manual with the elements: from the forest the best, regional map, colours, font, wavy line.

b) Design of business equipment incl. production of prototypes/samples. This includes in detail

- stationery

- business cards

- envelopes

- notepads

- Pens (pencil and ballpoint pen)

- Paper carrier bags

- Stickers (various types)

- name tags

- Pins and magnets

- beer mats

Note Including all rights of use and transfer of the editable files to the National Park holiday region.

We ask for your offer until February 14, 2020, gladly also by mail to

kuerzinger@ferienregion-nationalpark.de. The award for lot 1 and lot 2 will take place on 17 February.

Lot 3 - Production " Holiday Region National Park Bavarian Forest GmbH" within the framework of the project "Networking of the Holiday Region National Park Bavarian Forest".

Project: Lot 3 - Production

Start:06. April 2020

End:24. April 2020 (completion/invoice)

Services: The following services are to be provided under this lot.

Production of the following equipment items after submission of print files:

- Beachflag 10 pieces + 2 reserve

- rollup10 pieces + 2 reserve

- Table column for placing a water carafe and glasses on it. Lower part made of wood, surface made of glass 10 pieces

- Advertising banner 3 x 1 m 10 pieces + 2 reserve

- Printed deckchairs for decoration in the Tis 20 pieces + 2 reserve

- Printed sledges for decoration in the Tis 10 pieces + 2 reserves

- Information boards in the format 1x1 m. from Dibond plate with map of the region 10 pieces

We ask for your offer until 02. April 2020, gladly also by mail to

kuerzinger@ferienregion-nationalpark.de. The award will take place on 03 April.

Tender for the procurement of a server system from February 2019


The Ferienregion Nationalpark Bayerischser Wald GmbH thus intends to procure a server system with the following technical specifications in March 2019: Server: Fujitsu PY RX2540M4 2.5"(8x)value4you VFY:R2544SX150DE additional options: 1 x 32312 Intel Xeon Silver 4110 8C 2.10 GHz 8 x 32309 16GB (1x16GB) 1Rx4 DDR4-2666 R ECC 6 x 28705 SSD SATA 6G 960GB Mixed-Use 2.5' H-P 2 x 34296 SSD SATA 6G 960GB Read-Int. 2.5'H-P EP 1 x 32715 Cooling solution for 2nd CPU 1 x 32488 FBU option for PRAID EP4xx 1 x 22327 TFM module for FBU option on EP420i 1 x 22189 Power supply module 450W (HotPlug) 1 x 22370 iRMC S4/S5 advanced pack 1 x 30547 Support Pack 5 years VO, NBD AZ 1 x 29419 Windows Server 2016 Standard 16 Core 1 x 23752 VMware Essentials 1yr Subscription Licenses: 44 x Device CAL Windows Server 2016 44 x Device RDS CAL Windows Server 2016 MS SQL 2017 Standard Server License 2. APC Smart UPS Rackmount 3000VA 3. rack DIGITUS 47U server cabinet + accessories flat rate 4. switch 24 port ALLIED TELESIS Switch GS924M 24x10/100/1000TX 4xSFP 5. NAS QNAP 4-bay 16 TB 6. data backup ACRONIS Backup 12.5 Advanced Virtual Host License incl. AAS GESD (1-4) 7. VPN network with LANCOM router - Central: LANCOM 1780 series + VPN + LANCOM 19" rack mount option installation frame - 10 TI's + 1 central (Spiegelau): Lancom 883 Contact person: Robert Kürzinger ( +49 (0) +49 (0) 8553 8919 167 and Email: kuerzinger@ferienregion-nationalpark.de The installation of the server takes place in the area of the holiday region (location is not yet finalized) including the 10 tourist information offices: Bayerisch Eisenstein, Langdorf, Lindberg, Frauenau, Schönberg, Spiegelau Neuschönau, Hohenau, Mauth/Finsterau and Sankt Oswald Riedlhütte Execution time: April-May 2019 Ferienregion Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald GmbH Robert Kürzinger 12.02.2019


Through a large part of the communities of the holiday region of the Bavarian Forest National Park (Mauth, Hohenau, Neuschönau, St.Oswald-Riedlhütte, Spiegelau, Frauenau, Zwiesel, Lindberg, Bayerisch Eisenstein) leads the National Park Cycle Path and further on the Czech side through the Sumava National Park. Cyclists and e-bikers can experience nature and culture on both sides of the border on an approx. 135 km marked cycle path. The content of the project is the creation of an up-to-date cycling and e-bike map, which provides the user with the course of this cycle path as well as detailed information (altitude diagram, degree of difficulty, etc.) - on both the Bavarian and the Czech side. Furthermore, additional information on the natural and cultural beauties is summarized in a pocket guide. Both publications are bilingual (German and Czech). The Bavarian Forest National Park holiday region would like to present itself to one of the largest target groups among tourists - cyclists - and give them the opportunity to explore the region and the surrounding natural beauty and sights. The aim is to enhance the value of the natural and cultural heritage on both sides of the border for both locals and tourists by increasing the level of awareness.