Vom Wald das Beste. – Nationalparkregion Bayerischer Wald

"3-5-8, is the queen made." With an astonished look and a bit scared, seven-year-old Lene stands in front of the beehive and follows the beekeeper's words and hand grips. After 3 days as an egg, 5 days as a larva and 8 more days for pupation and maturation, the queen bee hatches. Natural history lessons of a very special kind, followed by honey tasting honey tasting directly from the honeycomb. It is unexpectedly exciting and adventurous here in the Bavarian Forest, where Lene spends the holidays with her father and her older sister Lynn. It can only be boring, she thought at first, and would much rather have gone to the Baltic Sea. But what she then experiences is the complete opposite of boring. Although the people here speak a strange language, almost like a Hobbit dialect, Lene and Lynn quickly make friends and explore their world. They build a little house, feed the animals, gather mushrooms and berries, cook and eat together. They discover the colours, patterns and sounds of the forest and listen to the legend of "Waldpeter". He disappeared a long time ago and awaits his return in the "Grotto of Sleeping Souls". They hear the legend from "Forest Obelix", who, like "Forest Ursel", is able to tell of the beauty and secrets of nature in such a way that younger generations do not look away, but listen attentively. Poetic, magical, enlightening-beautiful: go out together into the next forest and look for luminous moss!

"Lene and the Ghosts of the Forest" has already been shown successfully at a number of film festivals and the Goethe Institute has also acquired the licenses for the film's worldwide distribution.

A ten-year-old girl from the city spends her summer holidays in the Bavarian Forest, where she gets to know other children and their dialect and learns a lot about animals, plants, ghosts and a guardian of the national park called "Waldobelix". A cheerful documentary from the perspective of a bright schoolgirl who discovers the forest as an almost magical place.


The film is especially intended for children and schoolchildren. Teaching material is also available for the content and pedagogical development of the film.

Teaching material for the film


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