Familienurlaub im Bayerischen Wald

Hier sind die Bären los!

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Dancing with bears

Don’t be afraid, of course not with the real wild specimen. You can watch those during a visit to the animal enclosure of the National Park Lusen.
But a diversified family programme and events throughout the whole year, the exciting facilities of the National Park Bavarian Forest, nature and adventure playgrounds, family-friendly hiking and walking paths, accessible also for prams and buggies,and much more make the holiday region National Park Bavarian Forest a great destination for a terrific holiday with the whole family.
Fancy exploring one of the longest treetop paths in the world? Or would you like to watch brown bears, wolves, lynxes, elks or many other animals? Maybe, during gold panning, you will find the big treasure that you can show your friends at home, or you try and blow your own glass ball in a glass blowing workshop. During guided family hiking tours through the Bavarian Forest you will certainly get to know a lot of exciting things from the National Park Rangers and forest tour guides that you must tell your friends at all events. And on the many hiking trails you can really live it up. Or where else could you climb over a real sea of stones?
Also in winter there is something for you on offer. Romping in the glittering powder snow, speeding down the slopes on your sledge and a ride in a horse-drawn sleigh – doesn’t that sound exciting? If you want to try skiing – no problem. On the slopes of the holiday region you can practise, and if you like, you can go to one of many skiing schools together with other children.
You see, a lot of adventure is waiting for you and your family in the holiday region National Park Bavarian Forest!