Hiking in the Bavarian Forest

Simply boundless – this is what the hiking opportunities seem to be in the holiday region National Park Bavarian Forest.

Explore the varied and exciting hiking world at and in the National Park – many hundreds of kilometres of very well-signposted circular routes and routes with a destination make our low mountain landscape one of the most popular hiking regions of all Central Europe.

No matter whether you want to crest one of our Bavarian Forest Mountains Rachel, Lusen, Falkenstein or Arber, enjoy the wonderful panorama tours, or gain a deep insight into the holiday region on the different theme paths – options seem to be almost unlimited.

Inside the two outdoor animal enclosures in the National Park Centres Lusen and Falkenstein, you can watch and discover the fascinating animal world: In the large enclosures, naturally recreated based on their habitats, wolves, lynxes, brown bears, elks and many other animal species can live according to their very own daily rhythm – climb, swim, take a rest or withdraw completely.