Glass region Bavarian Forest

Glass region Bavarian Forest
The probably most sparkling holiday street in Germany largely leads through the holiday region at and in the National Park Bavarian Forest: Glasstraße!
Glass is an article of daily use, but also much more. Glass connects many facets of the Bavarian Forest: The art, culture, enjoyment, adventure and discovering.
In the many glass factories of the region you can learn on site how glass is produced. You cannot only watch the production process up close, but in many glass factories you can also even try and blow your own glass. A souvenir that you will certainly not forget so easily.
In the glass museum in Frauenau, visitors can undertake a cultural journey through the history of glass.
Here is a little extract from the glass companies in the holiday region National Park Bavarian Forest:

  •     Glass blowing workshop in Mauth
  •     Shards of glass Köck in Riedlhütte
  •     Josephshütte in Riedlhütte
  •     Glass processing Fleck in Riedlhütte
  •     Glass Centre Spiegelau
  •     Galerie pur – Glass cutting Klaus Büchler Spiegelau
  •     Glass factory Eisch in Frauenau
  •     Glass factory Poschinger in Frauenau
  •     Glass museum in Frauenau
  •     Glass blowing workshop Schmidt in Lindberg
  •     Little museum castle in Theresienthal Zwiesel
  •     Crystal glass manufacture in Theresienthal Zwiesel
  •     Zwiesel Kristallglas AG (formerly Schott Zwiesel) in Zwiesel
  •     Rotwaldglashütte in Zwiesel

Numerous top-class events around glass encompass this subject, like, for instance Zwieseler Glasnacht, Glasstraßenfest, Zwieseler Kölbl or the glass days (Glastage).


Kunst- und Kommunikationsprojekt in der bayerisch-böhmischen Grenzregion


Glashütte Eisch

Feuer und Flamme für Glas


Glaskapelle am Anger

Der Muttergottes gewidmete, besondere Kapelle



Glaskünstler und Galerien


Raimundsreuter Hinterglasmuseum

Entdecken Sie die "alte Kunst" des Malens hinter Glas


Wald-Glas-Garten Riedlhütte

Glaserlebnis an der Glasstraße