Events in the holiday region

Events in the holiday region
Ancient customs, local and proper festivals, cultural and historic events – all this can be found in the comprehensive calendar of events of the holiday region National Park Bavarian Forest.
Throughout the year our visitors can attend great and extraordinary events, for example in winter, there are a lot of Rauhnacht customs, the funfairs in spring and summer or historic events in autumn. Our range of events is large.
Here is a little extract of our programme, the overview of all events can be found in our calendar:

  •     Traditional erection of the May pole in many communities of the holiday region National Park Bavarian Forest
  •     Whitsun in Hohenau and Eppenschlag
  •     NatuVision Filmfestival in June in the National Park Centre Lusen
  •     Grenzlandfest in July in Zwiesel
  •     Pandurenfest in July in Spiegelau
  •     Glosafest in July in St. Oswald-Riedlhütte
  •     Glasnacht (glass night) in August in Zwiesel
  •     Kinder-Bärchenfest (Little Bear event for children) in August in Neuschönau
  •     Spechtfest (woodpecker event) in August in Spiegelau
  •     Herbs-craftsmen market in August in Mauth-Finsterau
  •     Delight market in Buchenau Castle in October
  •     Koishüttler Lousnacht in January in Neuschönau